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New professional foil colours have just been added - Pink and gold. To create the black and gold look, pair the gold belonging foil design with the black belonging design in our mixed NAIDOC double sheets 🖤


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1. Apply an even coat of your favourite Foil Gel over cured gel polish or enhancements. Cure. Allow to cool for at least 20 seconds.

2. Cut selected design from transfer film and place onto nail (colour side facing up).

3. Rub firmly over the entire design, starting from the centre and working your way outwards.

4. Slowly peel back the film. If any areas were missed, simply press the film back into place and rub again to transfer remaining foil.

5. Optional: gently buff the free edge and cap with acid-free primer. Highly recommended for full cover designs.

6. Seal with a coat of Base Gel or Builder Gel. Cure. Finish with your favourite Top Coat. Cure. Flex!

Professional Nail foils

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